Interesting Places to Visit in Hue, Vietnam

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If you are traveling to Vietnam you should definitely include Hue in your Itinerary. During my visit to Hue, what I felt was, Hue is the apt location to visit if you are interested in history. Hue reveals the traditional culture and religious nature of Vietnam.  

Things to See in Hue

  1. Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda or Pagoda of Celestial Lady is one of the most interesting things to visit.  This seven-storied pagoda overlooks the Perfume River. Though the temple was built in 1601 the pagoda was constructed later in 1844. The pagoda is famous for the golden Buddha, the big bell and stone turtle with marble stele. The Thich Quang, a Buddhist monk burned himself to death at this place.

  1. Khai Dinh Tomb

This imperial tomb in Vietnam was completed in 1931, 11 years after the work was started.  During your climb up the mountain, you will be able to watch the beauty of nature. The walls of the tomb are adorned by attractive porcelain and inlaid glass images.

  1. The Provincial Museum

This museum offers the display of war vehicles of the past, which includes helicopters, tanks, etc. The description given along with the war vehicles provides information about from where these vehicles were captured.

  1. Perfume River Cruise

I really enjoyed the boat cruise along the Perfume River. You will be able to get a glimpse of local villages, the important attractions and temples, and tombs during the cruise in the river. If you are opting for dinner cruise you can enjoy authentic Vietnamese style dinner and folk music on board.

  1. Imperial City

The Imperial city or The Citadel contains palace and fortress which were the former residence of emperors of Vietnam. Though most part of the structure is damaged and restored, you can still see the remnants of the original fortress.

  1. Bach Ma National Park

This national park offers magnificent waterfalls, camping, hiking and swimming opportunities to the visitors.  It is also the habitat for rare plants and animals.

Toronto – Capital of Ontario

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I am the kind of visitor who lives to explore very exciting and charming places, and that was filled by this beautiful and vibrant city, Toronto. It is the largest city in Canada. It is the most cosmopolitan city around Canada and bustling with diversified cultures, with people speaking over 140 different languages around. Toronto is a representation of urban civilization so you’re bound to find yourself among various tall buildings and classy neighborhoods. Toronto hosts the biggest film festival, and not to forget it is the kind of city you will never get bored in. These places must be visited.

CN Tower

CN tower is the most famously known around Canada. It is a 553 meters long building, is impossible to ignore the attraction. From any corner of the city, you can get hold of this tower, it is that high. You can take a trip to the observation centers that are made on top of the CN tower. They even stage various restaurants, where you can eat splendid cuisines with a look over Lake Ontario. The sky pod is the best attraction as an observatory, standing at 447 meters. This starts with 400 Canadian Dollars.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

The aquarium is the most loved tourist attraction after the CN tower, and it is located at the base of the CN tower. This absolutely beautiful facility represents almost all sorts of marine life and is a family loved attraction. It offers you the underwater tunnel and it is breathtaking, it also holds a continuous moving sidewalk. They also offer you the dining under the water experience and it is very rich, able to give you goosebumps and feel pretty happy.

Toronto Zoo

This zoo carries a very diversifying collection of animals. It has over 5000 animals in its facility and all maintained in a very natural habitat. It involves the rare pigmy hippos and penguins and orangutans and a lot more. The entry fee here is 165 Canadian Dollars and is a very loves children outing.

Waco: Plan Tour to Waco to Have Some Fun Time

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Waco is a popular city and it is located in central Texas. I planned a trip to Waco after my friends insisted me. Though the city is not so popular from a tourism point of view, during my visit, I wondered why this is not so. The city is small and has lots of things to do and see. Some of the most liked places of Waco are:

Cameron Park Zoo

This zoo is the home to lions, markets, and otters. Along with lots of animals, you would find here lots of relaxing time. It is an apt place to visit with friends and family.

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

After Cameron park zoo, I headed to this place. I find this place interesting as I got plenty of information about the state law enforcement agency history, their weapons and budgets of that time.

Dr. Pepper Museum

Then I headed to Dr pepper museum, the locals of Waco love to visit this museum and so I too decided to be here. It was an amazing experience. We saw an old method of making soft drinks and the best part you can have it all for free.

The Waco Mammoth National Monument

This is also a must visit place in Waco. This is basically a fossil site and has bones of Columbian mammoths. I was mesmerized to see the size of this mammoth.

BSR Cable Park

The amusement park where you can enjoy lots was water activity as well as dry rides. It is a fun place and if you are in Waco with friends, do not forget to visit this place for sure.

The spots that I covered and liked in Waco are Cameron Park, magnolia market silos, texas ranger hall of fame, park zoo and some really delicious mouth-watering food.

Tampa a Great Place to Plan Vacation with Family

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Tampa is another wonderful city in Florida and it is located along the gulf coast of Florida. My trip to Tampa was great and so, I decided to share my experience with people so that they can also have the same amount of fun as I had. I plan my Tampa tour after discussing things with my friend who has been to the city a few weeks back. He told me, what is the good spot that I should cover in Tampa to see the maximum beauty of the place in minimum time. In short, Tampa is a city on Tampa Bay present along with Florida’s Gulf Coast. It is a major business center and known for its culture and museums. In addition to this, the city has many amusement parks, national park and adventure sports where you can enjoy with family and friend. Some of the places you should include in your to-do list in Tampa are:

Busch Garden Tampa Bay

The garden is spread in the area of 335 acres and this is an animal theme park. You can imagine its beauty with its popularity. The park is 2nd largest in terms of attendance in the world. You can see here lots of animal in their natural habitat. The place is clean and animals are preserved with care.

Zootampa at Lowry Park

I liked this place a lot as I was on Tampa tour with my family.  The zoo has been voted number one family zoo by parent magazine in the United States. This zoo has great flora and fauna.

Museum of Science and Industry

Here, you would receive a good amount of information related to science technology and industry in this museum. If are on vacation video kids, you should not skip this place.

The other places you should put in your to-do list are Florida aquarium, Tampa river walks, and the museum of art Tampa.

Syracuse: A Simple Yet an Astonishing City

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Syracuse is the city I always wanted to be in and one day I finally made my way to this city. It was an amazing experience here. The city has many renowned colleges and therefore, you can see mostly the students’ crowd here. For tourists, the city has museums, parks, art galleries and much more. If you are planning for a vacation in Syracuse with family, it is a good decision; the city has many family spots, the Erie Canal Museum, tracing a history of the waterway in the 1850 Weighlock Building. The Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology (MOST) is the museum has interactive exhibits and it is also a planetarium. The Everson Museum of Art had a wide collection of art mainly on American artwork.

The best places to visit in Syracuse are the Rosamond Gifford Zoo; the zoo is spread in 43 acres of area and shelters more than 100 different species of animals.

The carrier dome is another major attraction of Syracuse. This is the only domed shaped stadium in the region. There is no point of visiting this stadium when it is empty. You can see here sports matches like basketball, football, and ice skating show.

Niagara Mohawk Building, this is a landmark building built by Art Deco. The main attraction of this building is that it can be illuminated in any color at any point in time. I have clicked some pictures with this landmark building and have preserved it in my special collection.

The salt museum, I had an expected experience at this place. The museum showcase salt manufacturing process. Syracuse was once the only place to supply salt to the whole country. I have both surprising and amazing experiences here.

There are many spots in Syracuse that you should visit, but these places are important and you should not miss it.

Sugar Land: Sugar Land the Sweet City in Texas

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I got to about Sugar Land, Texas through a friend and while I was looking for a vacation destination and made up mind to spend my holidays here. I find this city, really interesting as it has many things for everyone in the family; we went on a family trip. I am sharing my experience with this city here so that you can have more fun and wastage of time. My first advice to you is, do the advance booking of the hotel as you won’t get one easily during vacation time

I started my trip to Sugar Land from the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The place has a saltwater aquarium along with a digital dome theater. Lots of marine species can be seen in their natural habitat here. My family loved this spot.

The second place we liked most was fort bend children’s discovery center; the place has interactive exhibits, which is a real attraction and fun for children. The place also included a child-sized city named as Kidtropolis.

Oyster Creek Park is a famous park here, so we went there. We have a nice family time there and my children enjoyed the park thoroughly. The park has a pond and rose garden that look wonderful.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, this is a Hindu temple built by the Swaminarayan Sanstha BAPS. The temple has every worth to visit. You can visit this temple to have a glimpse of Hindu culture. I personally like this temple a lot. There are beautiful carvings present on the walls and roof that will take your breath.

George Ranch Historical Park, the park is a historical one and present at the distance of 30 miles southwest from downtown Houston. The park has historic homes, food programs, costumed interpreters, again a wonderful spot to visit with friends or family.